Why your product is not the ideal prospect’s solution always!

Your business is no business if it can’t provide solutions! It is universal for every business to sell unique products. But how many businesses try to solve problems faced by the customers even after a sale, irrespective of the product they use. It is imperative for consumers to always search for solutions that are better, faster, and smarter than ever before. Neither do they care about your business, nor your products. What they really care is-

  • Whether the product, they will purchase contain the answers they are looking for
  • The level of satisfaction derived through product use, unlike the previous one
  • How fast and quick the resolution is.
  • How cost-effective the solution is

For customers, there is no shortage of solutions available in the market. With a myriad of solutions available around, they might take you as just another product facilitator or competitor trying to sell their product. Your business might make a sale applying a marketing gimmick, but it is not likely to stay up longer. To make a difference, you should first act as a solution provider and ask yourself:

  • Are we a facilitator of the product or we are solution providers?
  • To what extent does our product transcends solution?

It is not new for marketers to use gimmicks and tricks to grab prospects attention. As a result, no sooner do they launch, these businesses meet a quick breakdown resulting in identity crisis and huge business losses. To understand better, reflect upon these two examples:

  • Rocketseed a marketing company that became a world leading solution provider because they have the ability to enrich and enhance email into powerful email marketing tool.
  • Hubspot community enables marketers to gain insights about marketing strategies, activities and practices.

Did you notice what these companies have in common as a solution provider?

Yes, it’s not the product; it’s the solution that turns a prospect into a customer. A lead who will want to become your customer will seek the solution that can trouble-shoot a specific problem. If you do not apply your problem-solving principles while offering a product, you might end up being just a product or service peddler interrupting customers amidst the marketing noise. Once you have figured out the most cost-effective, timely and highly convenient solution that matches exactly with your customers’ requirement, marketing will be a way lot easier for you.

Try out these 3 effective ways to instil problem-solving into your solution-driven marketing.

Create blogs with problem-solving insights

It will not take much time for your blog traffic to convert into leads if they find an exact match of their requirement or the solution that they have been looking for. Your blog can create an amazing impact on readers if it focuses on helpful content that aids the prospect to learn something new. Let your blog offer some actionable advice to prospects in turn, which can fetch you, great credibility and authority from prospects.

Source real-time problems from prospects

Creating content that offers a solution works good but how will you figure out the topic that centres the given problem? To find out, seek people in the frontlines such as sales, support who address questions every day during each conversation. Find out their problem areas and feed them solution-oriented content that best acknowledges their problem.

Connect people from other communities

Remember, you are not the only solution provider. There are other marketers or communities that can leverage your community brainpower. Why not connect them and exchange solutions and insights? Let them contribute their ideas and views that can only help you strengthen your next content feed. At the same time this will also build solid marketing relationships with people regardless the source.

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