Why Brand Authenticity Is Important on Social Media


“If you fake to the customers; you fake yourself in front of everyone.”

Behind each brand’s authenticity, there is a brand fan or a community linked at a personal level. No doubt, if your brand is authentic, you obviously won’t have to worry about high returns, higher ROI and brand appeal. Today, virtual brand existence mainly depends on the word-of-mouth that customers share with their peers & acquaintances rather than brands circulating their own stories to customers. Brands have no control over the message once it is let out in public. Once it is shared to the online audience, it is up to the audience to amplify the brand voice. Authenticity drives social audience’s behavior by inspiring trust on a brand. So, why not lay the groundwork to stay genuine at the social level? A brand which is honest on its products and services has 80% survival chances to rule consumer’s hearts!

91% of consumers want their brand to be authentic to what they say or do in the social media. Out of them, 61% consumers’ wants to hear about product utility; 60% wants to hear about product appeal while 39% consumers want to hear about brand popularity.

Brand authenticity is beyond numerical measurement. Consumers perceive brand authenticity on the scale of brand perseverance to resolve issues, continuity, originality, genuineness, creativity and more importantly how humane your brand is with your customers. Similarly, honest & prompt answers to consumers’ queries by brand that holds real-time conversations with target audiences can infuse 60% of more trust, unlike a robotic or a formulaic brand answer! Such is the power of brand genuineness!

Why brand authenticity in social media?


  • Consumers like relating to brands just as they relate with each other in their personal lives
  • Consumers love the depth of relationship that brand establishes with him/her
  • Consumers love when brands answer their queries within a short time of posting it
  • Depth of relationship is the new benchmark for the make-or-break issue for brands
  • Evaluation by individuals who are active in social media establishes authenticity on brands
  • Consumers love if a brand keeps promises and stay creative over time.

Remember: A brand is, just not a band if it fails to capture a corner of your audience’s mind! And to capture a human heart, you have to behave like a human.

Reflect upon, how the globally recognized brand Coca-Cola has rolled out its new “one brand” unification strategy.  This global brand has integrated all the four of its core brands: Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Coke Life, and Diet Coke under one master brand. Well, the idea of launching its newcomers into the market is indeed, a bold step to strengthen its brand status by promoting integrity and solidarity. Such one brand packaging approach to reach the target market is intended not only to establish brand legitimacy as they are designed with a unified design, color and appearance but also to share the brand equity with its relative new comers!

Lesson to learn: Coca-Cola is an age-old brand that has nurtured and nourished its relation from the past. No wonder, the newly launched approach holds true one more time about how the brand is coherently implementing its heritage from the past being truthful to its new promise (i.e., more natural & less sugar) to the consumers. And this is driving the iconic brand image even today!

And the content amplification from Coca-Cola in social media? How does it work?

Well, to reflect upon the social media strategy, the launch of consumer engagement campaign “Taste the Feeling” that allows users to personalize their GIF scene moments directly from the micro site and then fill them with real-time feelings is an iconic idea to engage consumers! No doubt, consumers love the brand. This unique approach to capture everyday moments via GIF to be shared across all social media platforms seems to roll out big and hopefully will move the needle for sales!

No doubt, whichever brand you are, an authentic and real brand voice promoted at a center stage can earn you big time by winning the sense of brand familiarity in social media. The key for each brand relationship is to stay true to yourself! Just be you and yourself!

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