10 Best Triggered Email Campaigns to increase Conversion Rate

Triggered email campaign

33% of recipients open an email based on the subject line alone. So now you know the importance of triggered emails that yield 71% high open rates and 102% higher click rates, unlike non-triggered mails.

It’s not just any email, but emails triggered by user interaction.    

Why triggered emails?

Staying in touch with customers 24/7 is of paramount importance for any brand. But when you are sending emails to customers; you are also dealing with an audience mix of millennials as well as Gen X (older ones). Millennials are more active in social networks, unlike Gen X, so now you know why brands are all geared up to gain the millennial mindshare. Email types that relate to multi-segmented audience types make a perfect sense to this.

And here’s the importance of types…

An average email HTML open rates are often tracked & compared by click-through, open and delivery rates; but the most meaningful comparisons lies in comparing the email types. NOT all emails are the same; neither the impact. Transactional welcome emails have higher open rates & click through rates generating 320% more revenues, unlike marketing emails or regular newsletter. So, now you know the importance of the types of triggered email campaigns to get the attention they deserve!

Never concentrate more on the number of emails; else you will fail to get the value that actually counts!

So what actually counts…

Each email effort invested on building an email campaign which is sent (if delivered and opened) depends upon these two questions:

  • Did the recipients gain any advantage from the email content?
  • Is your email campaign working?

The answer lies in how you send your messages to the recipients. As an email marketer, you should know all types of triggered email campaigns that can speed up engagement as well as increase retention, acquisition and upsell opportunities. Here we go!

  1. Welcome Emails:

A marketer’s golden opportunity to pump up first-time subscribers & create first impression lies in “welcome emails”. Triggered welcome emails have click-through rates between 9-11% while an open rate of 46-53%. Apart from welcoming, you can guide them through your selling, upselling and cross selling opportunities. This will only set their expectations in future and build a relationship you would like to establish.

  1. On boarding Emails

Once you have welcomed your interested prospects, a lot depends on follow-ups and little guidance to get them into the next course of action. Bridge the knowledge gap by giving them a clear call to action & instructions on how to set up accounts. Then clear barriers that stand in the way of getting the prospect engaged to the product or services.

  1. Activation Email

Your efforts might not deliver quick win always. Even if you are successful in gaining subscriptions, your subscribers might be dormant or stay inactive. To move them into the sales pipeline, all you need is a lifecycle activation mail that pushes them into the stream of sales lead. Let activation mail take the charge to effectively communicate to help them upload their first user file, right after the welcome.

  1. Reactivation Email

Are your Subscribers  not responding or taking too long time to respond even after sending the first life cycle activation mail? Well, that’s frustrating! 60-75% of email subscribers are dormant which means they have not opened the emails since past 6 months. These dormant subscribers are hard to be reached. Why not let re-activation mail re-engage & entice these subscribers to open, click and activate their accounts? Send a tempting offer with a sentimental subject line that makes an impact on the subscriber to login to the website.

  1. Abandoned cart Email

A tendency for many customers is to leave their shopping cart after populating it with products or few services. To pull these potential customers back, all you need is abandoned cart email.

As per the Hubspot’s research, more than 1/10th of cart abandonment emails are clicked. An abandoned cart email can easily tempt them back for a purchase on the site.

  1. Transactional Email

Well, this is something which customers waits for and feels happy about it. Because it’s about purchase confirmation! Transactional email open rates are 3X higher than commercial emails. Here lays your opportunity to communicate, educate, update or send new notifications about products and over the top increased overall engagement.

  1. Notification Email

You need to send a notification mail when your customer forgets you for some time. Send a notification mail with a meaningful real-time update that creates a value for the customer. Also triggered behavioural emails such as profile changes, and follow up alerts greatly excites customers and drives long term engagement throughout.

  1. Event Email

This is not uncommon for you. For example you have got a mail that wishes you a happy birthday! This works as an excellent opportunity for brands to revive long lost relationship with customer. Send a birthday wish, anniversary card or even membership badge clocked by day, hours, minutes and seconds with a personalized subject line. A discount coupon tucked inside the event mail definitely works as an icing on the cake to generate more sales.

  1. Seasonal Emails

Holiday seasons are perfect timings to boost sales as well as increase engagement with brands. Let out captivating seasonal offers via emails with seasonal discounts based on weather, location and events. See your sales soar up.

  1. Milestone Emails

Milestones emails for successful long years of association with customers can lead to 600% more purchases, unlike other emails. Such lifecycle emails are rewards for customer loyalty that maximizes lifetime value of the customer relationships.

Saavy email marketers! Now that you know 10 types of triggered email campaigns relevant to customers’ journey, it’s time to use them aptly to define your own triggers & level of personalization that of course, counts over the time.

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