Top 7 Email Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

With 2018 being just around the corner, you might have started preparing for your next year’s resolution list for a robust digital marketing strategy.  If an email marketing strategy is within your to-do list, congratulations! It’s a great start. This indicates that you are in the right frame of mind to drive in a good amount of business through your email marketing efforts. And why not? If working out the email marketing strategy beforehand can fetch you great results without spending just a fraction of cost (or for free!) and in return you earn some highest ROI in the form of leads, nothing like it!

But you cannot be 100% assured that your email marketing approach is a success as it depends on a lot of considerations to perform at its best – design, email servers, user preferences, campaign format, subject lines & there’s so much more! Given the situations, if you address certain common pitfalls you might still be risking 3you’re your open rates. So what would you do? Actually, it all depends on the right approach of your email marketing strategy wherein certain common mistakes or pitfalls should be avoided. What are they? Let’s delve in deeper!

  1. Messy & boring subject lines

33% of recipients choose to open an email based on the subject line alone. So now you know how precious your words are that comprise a message within your subject line.

Well, it’s easy to get ignored. Isn’t it? Stop making unappealing subject lines that become your campaign show-stopper. If your subject line is not click worthy, you might lose out business. To make your subject line catchy within the maximum limit of 50 characters, ensure that:

  • You add an urgency (the power of scarcity)
  • Your subject line is short & crisp
  • The important bits of info are highlighted in the first 50 characters
  • Ignore typos


  1. Looong email content without edits

Have you ever wondered why email campaigns produce 0 results even after putting 100% efforts in compiling them?

Imagine if your email looks like a novel, you will end up scaring your customers right away. Instead, follow the rule: 50% value-added content & for the rest, let your website do the selling.


You tell a story, plug in keywords, focus on call-to-action, add button, insert images – everything looks fine, but in this process you overlook the professional tone you should touch up with. Well, small little things, but matters big!  Get a fresh set of eyes to scan & edit through the mistakes of email content body. Check for the tone & length of the email to ask you.

  • Does the mail body look lengthy?
  • Is the type of content too promotional to unsubscribe?
  • Are the design colours consistent & the link given is accessible to the user?
  • Is the image making sense within the body copy?
  • Is the content alignment right?

Addressing these questions will work better to pique reader’s curiosity to get the email opened and learn more.


  1. Sending emails without permission

An email that has landed into the inbox without the recipient’s permission not only just looks too desperate on your part; it’s a sin that will ultimately land your business into trash. Forget email open, if you are not honouring opt-out request, you will be marked as spam by the recipients forever & finally lead to ISP blocking! Note that any unsolicited emails sent risks your business reputation. So keep it simple. Never send emails without obtaining permission.

  1. Sending emails without testing

If you are not testing your email campaign before you hit the send button, you are making a big mistake. If customers lose trust in your business just in the ‘from’ field, you can barely do anything to make them click open. Worst case-they might ignore your messages over a long haul which might hurt your future email deliverability rate.

Research, test the most important parts out of small samplings & then explore new things. Decide what you are going to test first from the greatest to the least important areas. To look for potential errors, better run A/B test to check almost everything email message comprises of:

  • Sender’s name & time
  • Colors
  • Images
  • Layout
  • CTA button
  • Subject line
  • Email body
  • Headline
  • Closing text
  • The specific offer

Paying attention to the test results & analysing them not only will help to track different email versions & compare the numerous parts of the conversion process but also will help you find what works and what not to determine a winning campaign combination.


  1. Ignoring mobile optimization

Ignoring mobile optimization is like ignoring email campaign performance. An underperforming email campaign not only affects the view-ability of the readers but also makes the recipients immediately “delete” the email. As of 2017, email opens are highest in mobile amounting roughly to 2/3rds of email opens for smartphones or tablet. With 50% of internet usage coming from mobiles, now you know the growing importance of mobile optimization for email conversions!

To make your email campaign responsive across all devices, preview how your email campaign looks like through the viewer’s eyes. This includes a lot of testing of your campaign layout, images & navigation across all devices. A mobile-friendly design built on responsive template will easily capture viewers’ attention and might invite valuable opportunities for your business.

  1. Making email text into image

If you are creating the entire email content body into image, you are restricting the recipient’s visibility. That’s a sin! Quite often, an email text converted into an image gets blocked by email service providers making the campaign look like spam.

It’s best to stick to the 50:40 or 60:40 ratios between the images & content that will help the recipient to view the message content while displaying some part of the images (if not all blocked).

  1. Missing out hyper-personalization

If you sound too salesy in your email campaign, this might work as a kick off for the recipients. It’s not about sales all the time. Remember, in this era, personalized content is the king and brings the most opportunity in conversions. If you know your audience well & appeal to their emotions, it gets easy to engage them & drive results even without luring them with attractive discounts!

It’s true that email marketing mistakes do happen, even though you are so cautious about it. But mastering the art of creating successful emails that work definitely needs aligning your email marketing plan & strategizing them. Paying attention to these 7 mistakes will help you to improvise your email marketing strategy. But ideal results are best derived through testing, review, analyse & measure that can set a benchmark to plan out winning campaigns well ahead of time.

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