5 Smart Tips for Making Your Brand More Social

Social media brand image matters. After all, it’s the best effective mode to go viral & maximize brand reach. Multiple platforms, multiple social feeds, multiple business focus & multiple networks exist to cater for diverse audience groups across geographies. Everything is boostable; right from content to social media profiles but the only challenge is to shape integrity with your professional brand image.

More than 3 billion people around the world make use of social media each month & the numbers are increasing. Social media being a major engagement channel for customers, you cannot overlook ubiquitous social media intelligence for campaigns that brands are adopting to stay up in the competition.

Consumer views, their expectations, and responses as per age groups – they change even though you track them throughout the customer’s journey.  It’s quite difficult to know the best targeting option to demystify this engagement platform without missing out any latest trend. No wonder social platforms are changing fast & brands should change as well to adapt to the intensity of change.

So, what’s really changed in social media marketing by 2018?

Brands are more matured than before in its digital journey.  With introduction of artificial intelligence & augmented reality, social media trends are evolving. This has ushered in several new sophisticated features resulting in marketing possibilities to expand.

Here, we have detailed out the major social media trends of 2018 for marketers to keep an eye on:

  1. Updated social algorithms

Generating engagement is a crucial factor for businesses.  With algorithms being continuously updated and altered by social media platforms, it’s getting heavy on marketers to build relevance score for their content.  This also means that brands no longer have to battle for ad space for organic reach; rather pay in to join the algorithm-based power play.

  1. Interactive Chatbots talks like human

To meet the demands for instant customer services, a lot of brands today are turning to chatbots that uses regular chat interfaces for actual conversation just like humans! Chatbots is the new brand voice to exchange interaction at a faster speed in the best personalized way. Can’t picture it yet, it’s time to test them for your brand.

  1. Augmented reality based engagement

Augmented reality is becoming the hottest trend to increase audience engagement. Imagine your next brand campaign designed with playful capabilities that resemble game-like feature. AR based campaigns to entice viewers is going to bring your brand story to life. Whether it’s a virtual tour in the store, Live experiences, product screening- augmented reality will improve brand experiences & provide opportunities to marketers to design experiential marketing campaigns.

  1. Social media listening tools

Social posts today is much more than simply seeing or commenting on social media. It’s about monitoring & capturing digital conversations! Through sentimental analysis & tracking of social conversations, brands can find useful audience insights that are actionable. With these insights, brands can focus on highest potential markets by developing marketing campaigns that contribute to the speed of conversions. Some of the free social listening tools that brands utilize are Hootsuite, TweetReach,  HowSociable and the like. So, what’s your social listening strategy for your brand?

  1. Live streaming social videos

Like it or not. It’s a part of online culture. The moment you start scrolling down the social media platforms such as Facebook & YouTube, it’s impossible to overlook Live streaming videos that connect instantly. A great fun indeed! Many retail, entertainment as well as sports brands today are reaching millions of people in less than a minute of upload. And it’s so affordable & simple that anyone will go gaga over it!

As proactive marketing tools, social media platforms will serve as business hubs. Brands that can catch up first with the evolving trends will witness an explosive reach & boost in engagement rates. With these trends in mind, marketers also need to adjust social media marketing in 2018.

To help marketers succeed, here are five exciting social media tips that can bolster brand growth:

  1. Be visible socially

It’s not enough just to be online. You need to be visible & accessible 24/7. One good practice to increase visibility is to create engaging social media posts, surveys or polls that can extract customer feedback & activate audiences.

  1. Use #Hashtags to make your posts stand out

Your post reaches its target audience faster if you include hashtags to the social media feed. A simple search with #hashtag can boost engagement worldwide & generate buzz in social media. It’s simple. Don’t fail to try them out!

  1. Create specific campaigns for promotions

To target your customer, try a couple of test campaigns that are beyond just posting. These ad campaigns can cover events such as promotions, invitations, special events, seasonal or festival to push foot traffic during sale and seek new business opportunities.

  1. Get influencers to share your content

Nothing engages the target audiences more if you can bring an influencer that contextually fit your brand. Influencer campaigns have greater potential to create; share and foster engagement while building brand partnerships with clients.   

  1. Personalize engagement

90% of users prefer custom-made content for contextual brand engagement. Dynamic personalized content for customers can lead to significant boost to the engagement level.  Right person, right time, and right context – Start it right by curating user generated content using advanced analytics. By simply tailoring the online customer experiences, drive huge audience interests for products & services.

These top easy 5 social media tips, if practiced well are surefire to get your audiences buzzing about your brand & unlock the door of engagement worldwide.

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