7 Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Your Brand Message

Effective ways to pitch your brand message using social media
Effective ways to pitch your brand message using social media

40% of mobile subscribers today use social media messaging apps monthly. And the numbers are rising!

It’s all in building social relationships. If you cannot build one, you lose your customers.

Undoubtedly, social media is the no 1 channel to give your brand the limelight & the traction press coverage. But with the presence of so many competitive brands around in the social media marketing landscape, getting your brand message heard is a big challenge. There’s no getting around it-your fast paced digital business needs plans to shout out its message loud and clear to reach the target audience. But think twice- have you found out yet how does your brand message differ from others?


No doubt, a well-crafted message finds it easy to rise above the noise and gain the trust of right target audiences without investing much of efforts. But, if social media message does not fit into an interesting angle which your audiences are looking for, probably, your message is not newsworthy. Ideally, your message should carve out a place in social media platform for the niche out of the social lot. This means your message should have the power to create an immediate impact upon your targeted audience eliciting hyper-personalized response from them. This happens when your message establishes a seamless connection between physical and the digital horizon. I.e. establish “human relationship” with a brand message.


Presenting here are 7 effective ways and best practices that come in handy to gain attention in social media over the time but with the right starting point.


  1. Choose an effective social platform

Attention span depends upon a lot on the social media platform that you choose to voice your brand message. To get personal with audience via these platforms is definitely not a cakewalk. Did you figure out yet where your diversified audience lives in?


Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Whatsapp are the dominant social networks, but today new networks such as SnapChat, Reddit, YouTube and more are outnumbering them! Each of these platforms has certain designated features and tools which you need to understand and use their potential to the best of your profit! Choose the right platform that fits your brand personality and attracts audiences.


  1. Visual branding

Use your visual senses to connect your audience via your brand message. Unlike text messages, the brain transmits 90% visuals of the visuals! Use this as opportunity to create social media buzz, add a sense of humour & creative touch to your visuals and voila! You are smart enough to gain traction & views for your brand in no time!


  1. Brand communication

Did you figure out yet which tone fits your brand personality? If not, start crafting your message in tune with your brand culture and connect this with what’s popular with the audience for relevance. Whether online or offline, to break through the clutter, you need to tailor your key message in a way that engages your target audience & cater set objectives.


  1. Connect more than you speak

This is something most of the brands skip to follow as they get busy in engaging lot of followers within the network. Your message is the first & last impression that it can make to establish perceptions of your brand to the audiences. Later it might be difficult to change the essence of your message. So better craft it carefully. Stop catering to the interest of each and every one. Instead, focus on making your brand more relatable to specific audiences.


A good way to determine if you are able to communicate using your brand message is to first find out:

  • Is there a scope to fine-tune your core message later? Does your audience complement your brand message- plans & strategy?
  • Does your brand message sound conversational?
  • Will it motivate stakeholders choose your brand above all others?


  1. Post brand message consistently

If your brand messages are not consistent across all channels, chances are that your audience might feel disconnected with your brand. Your consistent brand identity depends a lot upon the brand personality it creates by regularly demonstrating in the form of messages & visuals. Choose a recognizable voice that mirrors a distinct brand identity through imagery & text. It gets much easier for a reliable brand image to get consistent look & feel to eventually build a dedicated client base.


  1. Be a part of influencer community

Did you know? Word of mouth and recommendations spread like wild fire? Why? Because, it has the power of influence that drives real actions! In social media platforms, brand advocates, niche promoters and influencers are the drivers to initiate actions by the audience. Target relevant influencers of your brand, partner with them to promote your brand you want. If an influencer is talking about your brand, it’s likely that your prospects are multiplying! Encouraging influencer involvement to get your message spread across platforms will not only benefit social engagement but also boost goods/traffic/services exposure in real time!


  1. Pitch an idea, not the product

If you cannot sell your concept idea, you are not connecting to your audience! Does your brand message speak about personalities of people? Does it offers a solution to the customer or touches the audience nerve? If your message addresses the above questions, it’s definitely effective. Successful pitching is about communicating a solution which the customer enjoys and shows interest in.


You might think you are done. But you are not! There are more strategies & tactics to connect to the online audience database that are not covered within this checklist. Social media is powerful and so are the marketing tactics that you need to trial up to gain leads & in the long run revenues. With little practice, these 7 pitching strategies will work great to engage target audiences with your key brand message. Use them right, these techniques are sure to benefit you!

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