5 Measures to correct personal branding mistakes!

BrandThis question might make you pause for a moment and leave you thinking. With so much competition in the marketplace around, you as a marketer have your own right reasons to stand out.

Building a memorable brand journey is a dream-come-true for each single marketer. But at the same time, it is also important to ensure how your brand is doing every time? It’s not surprising to see that almost all brands sing the same song in the online branding marketplace. The challenge is what melodies you should infuse to make that song a popular humming music for each prospect. That’s what will make a difference.

Ignorance is not bliss anymore.

Brands often work in darkness ignoring the negativity that houses in the audience’s mind. Many identical brands launch each day competing with each other in the social media space but end up with disappointment. The reasons are accidental errors or brand defensive comments that lack originality painting a negative picture in the consumer’s mind.

No-one cares about how your one-off isolated effort has fared unless you have the audiences that trusts you, and listens to you when you speak. It’s sad that marketers care little about how these commodities in social media would be perceived by audiences in general. And as negativity starts festering upon, brands stagger fast that lets brand followers quickly pass on to your competitor. Finally, these brands fell off like just another tree in the forest breathing its last. Even the sound of fall hardly reaches audiences’ ears. A sad demise, indeed!

Attention marketers! If negativity cannot be ignored it can be conquered constructively for brand life support.

The good news

Yes! It is possible? But, it’s a 24/7/365 challenge. Remember, building a memorable brand journey is an ongoing effort. It takes patience and time to make a brand distinctive amongst others. Everyone makes blunders which creates disappointing moments at some point of time. These serious gaffes can be tackled and repaired. By monitoring how audiences perceive your brand, improving strategies that build audience trust, increasing brand reach, prompt query resolutions, commenting and interacting with audiences, participating in online discussions etc. brands can make a profound impact on the perceivers and even transform some of them into loyal brand followers!

No matter the stage you are into while building your personal brand reputation, these 5 cautious measures are sure to save you from creating a negative brand impact. Have a look.

Avoid being vague

It is important that your brand defines clearly the key qualities, important traits and attributes that differentiate you from the rest. Avoid misrepresenting your brand and focus on a purpose that generates interaction with brand followers. A clearly defined idea can best reflect brand personality and secure the highest number of shares and likes in social media.

Stay humble

It’s normal to celebrate your launch success in social media. But don’t forget to acknowledge your brand well-wishers even though you haven’t done any business with them. Show some restraint and gratitude to the brand followers while celebrating success with them. Also avoid rudeness in written communication that might sound harsh to brand followers. Staying polite in social media is difficult, but an impression of being abrasive is too difficult to handle round the clock.

Avoid mediocrity

To make your brand sustainable and customer-centric, it is indispensable to aptly showcase your attitude to the social media audiences. The social media is increasingly opinionated. While brands are constantly trying to win favours and audience hearts, this has created a sense of insecurity and a need to prop themselves up. Attitude is everything that can make or mar your business. Let your passionate attitude drive your audience performance. Building relationships with a difference in your approach will be far easier.

Stop blabbermouth marketing

Most brands have tendencies to sound like a blabbermouth trying to sell products in the social media marketing noise. Don’t start posting just for the sake of posting. This might back fire all your efforts and create negative brand impression on audiences. If you don’t have anything interesting to say, concentrate on top 3 relevant content that are highly distinctive in producing engagement. Post accordingly.

Stay genuine

If you are unable to bag likes and shares, don’t buy or invite audiences to like them. While applying short-cut processes might bring a good score initially, but eventually, people will discover your short routes in no time. That’s bad. Isn’t it? Instead stay genuine and play fair in the marketing game. Earn likes and shares by posting unique and impactful content that influences and generates interests in audiences’ mind. Find uniqueness and share!

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