Nautical Tourism Can Rewrite The Way India Sees Tourism

Nautical Tourism

If there is one industry that will continue to grow no matter what, it will be the travel industry. Travel as a pastime has become even more important and essential for the average person for various obvious reasons.


India features among the top travel destinations in the world. What with the myriad tourist spots, representing the much popular varied cultures of this nation, tourism is looking at a steep upward line.


But then, India can do better.


How so?


Nautical Tourism, can rewrite the way India sees tourism, going forward.


The concept is seeing resounding success across Europe and the US, and it is beginning to make some noise on the shores of Asia. India, should be able to capture and utilize this great opportunity.


How is it gaining popularity?


Spread of internet and social media in the likes of Facebook and Instagram are providing an up-close idea on nautical tourism and it’s benefits to the average internet user. Posts, pictures and videos of the adventure and joy gotten through nautical tourism only fuels the viewers’ enthusiasm leading to increasing demand.


Where is the market?


Of course, travel by land (and air) comprise a major portion of the tourism revenues. But then the new-gen or Gen Y is looking at travel and tourism with a new perspective; it will save today to travel tomorrow. Plus, millions of tourists who visit India to assimilate its culture and experience its vast spread have less options for tourism on the water front – and nautical tourism is the answer.


The offerings can move beyond water sports to sailing, yacht chartering and cruise trips and provide a wide variety of nautical tourism options for the millions of foreigners visiting the country every year.


The 2nd Goa Nautical Conference (held March, 2017) laid a strong emphasis on nautical tourism with focus on the three key areas – laying down rules for pleasure craft, marine tourism along India’s vast coastlines, and the required infrastructure.

CII Goa Seminar on Nautical Tourism

This is a good step forward, but it will have to move beyond paper to execution if India is to be seen as a top nautical tourist destination.


In the time to come, we will see greater acceptance coupled with lower pricing that will catapult nautical tourism in India to greater heights. Led by Goa and Mumbai, nautical tourism in India will change the way India views tourism.

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