Multi-channel Marketing – Harness the power of channel marketing strategies via multiple communications

Multi channel MarketingReaching omni-channel customers via multi-channel efforts!

(Excerpts from the book, “The New Frontiers of Marketing”) 

Multi-channel marketing is the key to reach global customers. But, to find success in it, live up to their (customer’s) tastes and communication preferences.

Gone are the days when potential customers had to wait to be served – store replenishment, store stocks and shelves that were stocked daily, weekly or monthly with customers awaiting for the launch of the next product. Today, new doors are opened with digital media in the form of multiple channels, harnessing the power of which smarter customers are directly accessing preferred products/services via their preferred media channels across multiple devices. Multiple products, multiple channels and multiple customer types! This has made it easy for customers to complete their desired conversations over their preferred digital mode. But of course, made it more challenging for market players to reach out to underlying potential clients who are unresponsive or not commonly identified online.

So what strategies should marketers adopt to reach out to those targeted but unresponsive customers through multichannel funnels?

Establishing a multichannel platform includes technologies, process combined with a plethora of supportive marketing channels. Some of these multiple communication channels for marketing include:

  • Retail store
  • Pay per click
  • Website
  • Direct mail
  • Email
  • Mail order catalogue
  • Mobile and more.

Marketers! To ensure that you don’t miss-out being counted upon by your targeted customers-all you need is to be where they are. Customers are everywhere; hence, embracing multi-channel marketing is the key. Let them find you over an app, send push notifications or help them chat with your team before entering into a sale. Remember, each marketing channel is powered by its own strengths. It is not enough to draw the prospect’s interest merely by an advertisement; an email marketing message perhaps can do a way lot better in intriguing them! It is also prudent move to check if your customer is actually interested to purchase or simply researching the options.

Likewise, there are thousands of such multichannel marketing ways that can trigger their attention and get them into action. The ability to conquer and control each channel while giving customers the freedom to connect is a clever marketing tactics for most marketers of today.

Resort to tweets, emails, blog posts, newsletters to reach out to your audiences in every way covering all touch points and wait for them to respond. Integrate and optimize each digital channel-whether it is call centres, direct mail, television hashtags, PPC ads or anything that initiates an internal dialogue and get them into talking. Offer them a choice to connect you whenever they want, wherever they want.

Well, that’s not all! There are multiple other effective channels and innovative ways to reach out to targeted customers. Read on to unlock them now! Grab a copy of the book “The New Frontiers of Marketing” that will enlighten you with the best digital marketing practices and techniques to connect customers, market your products/services and convert your multi-channel prospects to hit instant sales!

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