How To Maximize Prospect’s Attention in Just 3 Ways!

ProspectIs your target prospect’s attention wavering or lost in just few milliseconds, as soon as you initiate your sales pitch?

Well, it is easier to sense it in their voice modulation Isn’t it?

Because their attention span is already spent by then. The moment you uncover your one-sided sales presentation, you should immediately get themTHINKING genuinely to turn the conversation around. Most prospects are not always happy to speak to sales professionals and look for escaping ways, unless they discover something that genuinely hooks them.

Sales People! Justifying your marketing budget to strike the right deal depends a lot upon breaking the marketing noise and get 100% prospect’s attention. The very first 30 seconds of a sales call is the determinant of your sales fate- either you are being attended to or ignored forever! Marketing messages that gets your target contact over the phone might ease half of your work that signalize they are ready to take a call. But, getting them to hear what you have to say needs more effort than being reactive and hopeful. Now, it is your turn to show them how your solutions can resolve their problems and bring profits to their businesses. It is neither about using provocative words, nor about not being resonate with your prospects, it is about actionable intelligence that offers strategic advantage to the prospects. Now, this is what that sets you apart to get prospects attention.

Grab a look at the three proven techniques that can attract immediate attention within the first 8 seconds and amplify your sales figures, unlike empty slogans and marketing jargons.

Focus prospect’s attention on solution-driven benefits areas

For most customers, a typical sales call sounds like interrupting their time, space and peace of mind when they have the least time to answer inquiries. At this juncture, your marketing message will make the least impact if they feel that you are simply wasting their valuable time. Instead of making it a sale, make it personal about them as if you are trying to help them out. Stick to specific meaningful message which is insightful and relevant. Focus on a trail of information points or benefit statements that might best resolve customer’s problem and list them in order. This will immediately hook their attention once they discover a buying benefit on the currency spent for service or product.

Make your prospect feel important

The first 8 seconds of time is the first chance to get attention and make an impression within the prospect’s mind. The best way you can influence your prospect is by making them feel important. Setting the right tone can make a way lot difference in winning the deal and trust rather than losing it. Begin with a friendly and a startling question bearing the prospect’s need. At best, use credibility statements that talks about prospect’s issues and ways to tackle them. This will not only add value to your pitch but also help you show the best return on investments via a sale.

Avoid sounding boring and complex:

It is apparent to get exhausted if your marketing message sounds too informal, boring or complex. Stick to the top-level overview, just highlighting the touch points rather than being too elaborative or drilling deep. Focus on making the customer feel satisfied rather than occupying them with more information than they need. This will prevent them from getting lost into the conversation as well as engage with your key message. Set your own example to lead your prospect to the next step. Suppose, embark on the gentle statement as “ based on my experience, I have tried on this…” This will build confidence in the prospects mind and also grab immediate attention. 

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