Top 3 Marketing Predictions for the second half of 2015

Imagine this. You are watching a game of soccer.

blog-image-Top--3-Marketing-PredictionsUnfortunately the team that you are supporting is not performing well. You keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best. The referee signals for half-time. It’s time for a break for the audience. But for the players and their coach, it is a time to strategize, reorganize and recoup.

  • Whatever mistakes committed in the first half of the game should not be repeated in the second
  • Whatever scoring opportunities were missed in the first half should be utilized in the second
  • Whatever strategies were misused in the first half should be corrected in the second

At the end of the game what matters is who won. No one will look that the losing team. They will fade away in the roars and cheers of the supporters for the winning team.

The situation is something similar for marketers as well. When a year starts, you plan everything and try your best to put everything into action. But as the days pass, marketers tend to lose focus and eventually starts making mistakes. But there is no place for loser in the competitive market. You need to be successful and stay at least one step ahead (if not several) of your competitors. If you have a list of predictions in your hand for the second half of the year, then you can strategize, reorganize and recoup – just like your favorite soccer team.

As the first half of 2015 comes to an end and we slowly trudge towards the second half, here are a few predictions for the last half of 2015 that you can use well for your marketing business.

Mobile friendly marketing

If you are still not catering to your mobile crowd, then you are losing more than 50% of your visitors. I don’t need to mention that your website has to be mobile friendly and that means it has to be responsive. If you still have not done that, then this is not the right business for you. Did you know that Google’s new algorithm is picking out sites that are not mobile-friend and penalizing them? You need to create a responsive site or an app. Even a mobile-ready site will do so that your mobile visitors do not close your site down immediately once they realize that your site is not mobile friendly.

Say yes to infographics

Infographics are a must these days. True it is tough to create good quality infographics but once they are done, you can reap as much benefits out of them as possible. There are many small companies in the market that master on creating high quality infographics. But instead of using pages after pages of facts, put them all into neatly designed colorful infographics so that people can read and share them at one go.

Social media will stop being cheap

Nothing comes for free these days. This applies to social media as well. From now on you will have to pay to Facebook to make your post appear on the social networking site. Similarly running LinkedIn Ads and Facebook ads will become equally expensive. This means you need to set aside a solid marketing budget and create a list of winning social media strategies for your business.

Digital marketing has evolved in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Marketers are now having no second thoughts of using this medium to brand and promote their business. If you want to create the best possible impact, then switch to digital marketing. There is no other way. And with new SEO algorithms coming into picture at regular intervals, it is going to be tougher for you than you can imagine. But again, when you chose this marketing business, you knew it will not be a cakewalk.

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