6 strategies of marketing monetization by brands.

Marketing strategies

Today’s audiences are not ready to spend a penny unless they are 100% convinced about product and its values. Funnelling quality leads into the pipeline is every marketer’s dream. But turning prospects into customers is way too difficult. To woo their interest, your marketing funnel must be designed optimally to hook their attention and gain their trust level.

Articles, blogs, videos, ads, memes, websites, – these are something visitors are not really crazy about that makes them stick longer to the viewing window pane & urges them to download/install, unless you have something exclusive or interesting to reward them that matches their interest level as well as adds value to audience development efforts.

For better ROI, marketing is not the only option!

So you have launched a new product app; it’s no brainer that you are all focussed on product promotions via paid ads, articles, videos etc. with an idea of making money.

Remember: Not all users are the same, neither the ads. You might run a video ad with a profit of $2/user download; however, when you are running the same as a banner ad, it’s costing you just $1 per user! Why? Because, the quality of users you are trying to obtain does matter. The audience quality varies from one content category to the other. While some might like the video, others might not like the banner ads & get a wrong idea about the game that can make them simply uninstall just after installing it!

It matters what you monetize and how you monetize!

Figure out your monetization model. A sheer number of marketing opportunities are hidden within the strategies applied that can make a particular campaign more successful than the other.  Did you decide upon which monetization options can build your channel revenue stream? Let’s check out.

Video monetization

Building short video content that evokes emotions while delivering the right message are quick attention grabbers. A quick 2 minute video that speaks of heart-warming brand story not only grabs more eyeballs but also generate hefty dollars as it gains more viewership.

Website monetization

To add value to content, re-launch, re-post and give out quality content for free with each download for a limited period of time. Each download fetches dollars and values and of course adds more visibility of your products online. Think of Amazon KDP select letting users download book for free for a limited time boosting “author rank” making users visible in the search.

Ad monetization

Viewers are tired of commercials, but realistic ads best personalized to their choices will hold their interest for long. Supplying crisp, fresh quality content that gives pleasant experience to viewers can yield more profits and hold their attention for long.

App monetization

In-app purchases work great in converting app value into dollars. In-app native ads are a powerful brand recognition builder and work much better for mobile click through rates that are found to be as higher as 0.1% to 0.2%, unlike mobile web.

Content monetization

Your first-time visitors will always demand value out of the content you supply. Always keep your content minimum, helpful, problem solving and of high quality. Publish the content via different platforms and see your revenue rise steadily. Also entice your interested traffic by presenting short snippets of your product or simply blog your way to audience hearts to encourage more downloads.

 Game monetization

Free game downloads are being noticed an uptick and gamers are not much keen to buy games even for 99 cents. However, free doesn’t mean “no money”. You can still monetize the game even before the game is released!

Try offering game via install-based banner ads and you might see your game campaign go viral without going for costly methods. Once installed for free, you can charge for later by permitting hard levels of reach at subsequent stages. Also, add continual updates for the game, adding fun to play and download.

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