5 Ways to make customers love the email unsubscribe button option.

Unsubscribe button option

Did you know 21% of email recipients’ consider email opt-in as spam? Just a quick hit to the spam button within a fraction of a second means losing your valuable customer & at worst, losing your domain reputation. The reason-you being labelled as a spam!

Your email lifeline will be in danger if your sender score rates you lower on a scale from 0-100; thereby spoiling your domain reputation. Your score represents your IP ranking. Any email with a score below 70 typically goes through an aggressive email filtering generated through the IP address. While a sender score above 70 means a 61% inbox that include filtering only your email campaigns, unlike entire IP addresses.  A score below 50% might make you look like a spammer.

While there are a number of factors that works behind a poor sender score report, one way to improve your email campaign performance is to improve your email deliverability rate by incorporating an email unsubscribe option or opt-out link. This will not only boosts your domain IP reputation but also gives some insurance that actual subscribers are not removed from the list.

But how will you entice your prospects not to click the unsubscribed button option while retaining the next level of engagement? Well, the best way to do it is to stop customers from hitting the “unsubscribe me” option. This is how you can go about it.

Add subscription duration to your email

To prevent people from completely opting out, provide them an option of opt down that suggests a “pause subscription” for a period of once a week or a month. By choosing this opt down button, customers get a reason to re subscribe rather than unsubscribe completely. This can not only reduce email frequency as per the readers’ choices but also offer another chance to get into the recipients’ inbox.

Don’t let your subscribers’ separation so easy

Letting your subscribers fizzle away without making efforts to turn the relationship around is a serious offence. Make the unsubscribing mechanism a bit difficult with an engaged subscriber base. For example, include unsubscribe for newsletter A but opt-in option for newsletter B. If the former doesn’t work out the latter might. Right?

Provide choice of content type categories

Not every type of user will like every type of content you produce. Provide options for personal filtering choices along with unsubscribed option so that subscribers select specific content type they would like to hear. For example, content options, how many emails to be sent per week, etc.

Provide a clear benefit for subscribers

Provide a special benefit to prospects such as a free download or offer if they sign up. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain attention by invoking an interest that can work for you. A prospect might find it valuable and sign up for your page.

Include a two-step approach of removal

Incorporate a simple; less wordy two step approach that offers two choices to subscribers- The first removes you from only one list category. The second remove you from all emails thereby adding unsubscribers to an internal suppression list. Also don’t forget to add an undo option to allow them undo their choice instantly. Setting a “yes” to a fewer opt-in is better than a straightforward instant unsubscription right?

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