Is it Brand Sickness? Or customers are sick of your brand. Watch out!


When the whole world is too busy in timing their selfies, regardless of events around, why not brands put one step up to turn them into a hot contest-facing requirement? Well, this is called putting the “selfie-sickness” into action! After all, a vantage point for brands to engage, connect & drive sales and a much needed a tool to serve as engagement key! To me, it reminds the emperor’s new clothes –it all was trying to capture attention no matter the gimmick!

Fair enough. Reflect upon the Coca-Cola Eye in London. Who can deny the win-shot when Coca-Cola sponsorship deal of the London Eye, renamed as the Coca-Cola London Eye became a symbol of corporate brand personality? Promoting such a sugary drink is fine but why sponsorship? In case of the “Coca-Cola Eye”, it is the “WOW” factor for all- a deal maker for the brand while a deal-breaker for the competitors! Such brand perception is now counted with the emotional tie that shaped customer attitudes towards an evolving positive brand image. Not to forget another brand, “Maggi”– a controversial brand that was banned sometime back, owing to the allegations, but made a great comeback again in flying colours bringing nostalgic moments back to life! None of the brands are new. They are age-old house names that lived up to promises and consumers’ expectations.

In case of the national consuming product giant, Maggi, with a boastful lifespan of more than 30 years, imagine the instant nation’s affection that flashed across the Indian citizens. Much of it was seen as they were voted for a comeback, continuous follow-ups of feedback by brand, sharing nostalgic moments that gave an unusual hype to the positive sentiments over the negative remarks!

Well, it is the power of interactive communication!

However, that does not necessarily mean that promotions have to be costly or elaborate to drive brand engagement.

Here are some effective ways that you might be missing out at the pretext of gaining a fan base:

  1. Check for one-to-one digital reach- Marketing messages that make the customers think and act can range from a simple tweet, an interesting update, or product information that benefits to the customer. Circulate status updates say special desserts treat or one-day special event for brand fans. Next outreach them over phones that can draw them one step closer more personally to your brand.    
  2. Check if customers like your brand voice- Run a campaign to check what your prospects and followers really think about your band. Invite cheer ideas or run a contest that expresses their own brand perspective. Conclude with exciting prizes at the end of the game.
  3. Check if your visuals are sickening- Often lack of relatable marketing message within visuals goes missing within video clips that kill brand value and engagement. Identify those visuals that are obstructing the essence of communication; rather, keeping it short, simple & relevant for the audiences.  
  4. Check if you are responding to customer complaints- If you are ignoring consumer complaints, you are missing an opportunity to help your customer, thereby missing sales! Answer their questions, understand pain points & resolve them fast   
  5. Check out engagement rates across all channels- You will know how much people love your brand once you gauge likes, comments, shares & the number of clicks. But to build long-term engagement, invest in it by pumping out quality content that can increase brand engagement. That way, you can build a quality fan base for your brand.

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