10 Smart Tips for Marketers to increase Email clicks.

For each $ spent on crafting an email campaign, email marketing generates 38$ in ROI.

“You’ve got mail”

So you got a ping about an email from a brand. Just 2 seconds are enough to decide the fate of your email- whether it’s going to land in trash or at the inbox to influence an appropriate action!

Chances are–your email might have to fight its way to get the needed  attention. It’s okay if the subscriber has ignored your email at the first go; such drawbacks are common for every marketer. But this also suggests that you need effective strategies to get the email opened by the recipient. After all, open rate & click-through-rates are the two most significant components of email marketing which makes an email the biggest asset that marketers can boost to generate ROI.

So what gets readers’ excited about your message? What makes the prospect click-to-open your mail, instead of trashing it? Although email marketing benchmarks are vivid and they apply to varied scenarios- by sectors, by region and by customers, to encourage folks wanting to open the mail, here’s a compiled list of 10 quick & smart strategies to help increase your email open rates.

  1. Keep it short& crisp

Whether your recipients are investors or customers, if your audience does not connect with the subject line, they are never going to open nor click on your mail! Mindless subject lines are the culprits behind annoyed subscribers who can easily get disappointed with phrases like “just released”, “buy now”, “offer”, “for sale” and the like.

Instead, to capture their interests, promise them an incentive, a free give away, a free course or an exclusive content tucked inside a short & crisp subject line – this can definitely influence the deal! Talk to the point and mould your headlines using specific keywords that are relevant to the subscriber.

  1. A/B split test

Running the A/B split test will identify the problem and highlight the areas that need to be revised or changed.. This largely varies as per the site design, industry, segments and target audiences.  Though, there are a myriad of placements you can embark upon while placing your sign-up letter, you just have to try & test what works the best for your brand.

  1. Talk like a friend, not business man

Stop sounding like a robot in your email campaign. The tone of your email has  power to influence the subscriber’s action. Unlike auto generated texts, a human touch acts like a lead magnet if you can surprise the reader particularly with a freebie. If the content has something that is beneficial to, your audience, they won’t mind signing up!

  1. Get your emails mobile-optimized

So you think that crafting a creative copy, compelling visuals and a compelling subject line is all that it takes to perform? Wait. There’s more to be done to render a mobile-friendly user experience! More than 78% of email campaigns are being opened on mobiles. While non-optimized mails are abandoned or unread the moment it lands into the inbox.

Some email campaigns are made completely image based, while some get blocked due to image-heavy formats, some CTA placements are not click-friendly, while some are easy to click, some templates are unresponsive & don’t fit across all devices while some are mobile-ready templates, some are lengthy content. Some are concise consumable content chunk with a lengthy subject line – these are some of the challenges that you should address while creating a mobile-friendly email across multiple devices.

Test before you schedule your emails and experiment with different combinations. This will help you gauge how each of the recipients react to your email for every business as well as perfect your action plan with fresh new ideas for your next campaign.

  1. Timing is a matter of test

For most marketers they say, its Tuesday’s followed by Thursday mornings between 8:00AM to 10:00 AM that emails are opened more frequently. However emails might be reviewed at any hour of the day irrespective of when it’s sent as emails are opened in mobiles at all hours and highest during the nights, particularly between 8:00 PM to 11:59 PM and between 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM.

40% check their mobiles just after 5 minutes of waking while 30% check their phones 5 minutes before going to sleep. Monday’s are proved to garner the highest ROIs for campaigns while Friday’s bring the highest click-through rates. Most marketers usually go by data to determine message open rates, its timing and frequency. However, it’s only a matter of test and trial to find out what really works.

  1. Make call-to-action your strength, not a kryptonite

If your call to action with a good design template is not bold & enticing, it will probably fail to activate the audience. Go for an actionable button with an attractive discount offer or a free giveaway text that can influence the audience. A simple change in colour or the text, or button can boost conversions significantly.

  1. Be a recognizable sender

Today’s reality is that most emails end up in the spam folder if it’s a suspicious sender name or when unrecognizable. Such emails are often labelled as “phishing” or “malicious” and in fact end up into the trash.

It’s important to appear as a recognizable personality in front of your audiences. Select a name that builds a personal relationship with the audience without confusing them. But make sure to test all the variations before you send out a mail to your target audiences.

  1. Send your campaign once again

Unopened emails experience 50% opens when its resend. However, you need to tweak the subject line & headline as it will provide you with a clear picture about your audience affinity.

  1. Personalize, personalize & personalize

Subject lines with subscriber’s name or any recently purchased item enjoys 50% higher open rates, 58% click-to-open rates and 2.5X unique click rates, unlike emails that are not personalized.

Instead of dear customer, just write, “Hi James” or use other information such as purchase history, zip code or any other personal info by tweaking your content as per the data list, see how your click-through rates increases significantly!

This is how you get personal with your subscriber using personalized email campaigns simply by generating interest or creating curiosity.

  1. Include social share buttons

If you are not including sharing buttons in your email message for social media share, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to promote your business across other channels as well as gaining traction from the organic traffic. Add social share buttons in your email campaigns so it earns extra views, click rates & shares or more email subscribers for your email list!

These simple and tested tips are subject to experimentation as per the category of audiences and business segments. Boosting click-through rates with powerful email campaigns happen with time and the impact it receives with each email test campaign can be remarkable

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