Try these 5 fascinating tools to make extra revenues from boring marketing product page.

5 fascinating tools to make extra revenues

Are you missing out on a lot of sales? Watch out! Your product might be too ordinary compared to big competitors in the digital marketplace. Or the reason could be boring marketing tactics that lacks a spark simply putting customer off to sleep. Boring webpage with product designs and poor marketing techniques can kill conversions and sales!

DON’T blame your product; blame your marketing tactics that lacks the appeal. Alongside, watch out if your marketing tactics makes sense!

You might sell beer, paper towels, perfume, cigarettes or matchboxes online-doesn’t matter how small the product or service is. Your product might not be ground-breaking but the service might always have a limited number of audiences. No matter the size, there is still a little demand because your product exists in the current market that gives them value. If you are not working on publicizing product appeal, you might lose the limited ones too. It all depends on your business plan and design strategy to make your product look flashy and appealing right in front of your customers. Well, time to think out-of-the-box!

Here are 10 easy tips to sizzle up your boring product page outwardly and earn dollars in an interesting way. Why not try them out?

  1. Use the power of nostalgia

Certain tastes, old music, nostalgic brand packaging or old boxes product styling adds a flavour of bittersweet pain that fills the heart   with remembrance of good old days. Make your product appealing by adding a nostalgic touch that makes people gaze over your products. You will surely see your sales soar up.

  1. Add product glory with self-expression

To add glory to your products, target the right emotions. Focus on products that speak of self-expressions, not precision. Relate your products to life-events for the audience mix. Think of Coca-Cola’s campaign of open happiness, “Share a Coke”- a great example of self-expression right?

  1. Give other brand products an inferiority complex

Wondering how? Well, add product quality that can beat other brands in the race. Communicate the feature and its benefit in a way that differentiates your brand from others. It’s simple! Just add logic to your product value and spread the word. Question yourself at the onset.

Q: What is the best Smartphone?

Ans: The IPhone

Q: What’s the best coffee?

Ans: Starbucks

Now craft yours. After all, a brand is all about perceptions!

  1. Add a poetic style to product descriptions

Visitors are 2X likely to visit your product page if they have a familiar knowledge about the product beforehand. If your product has existed for some time but lacks familiarity, give them an action-oriented poetic style that makes sense with product usage. Products that are advertised with poetic sense appeal are distinguished easier and much quicker!

  1. Remodel your site design

Staler content is the reflection of your business negligence. This is enough to drive visitors away from your site the moment they land and switch to competitors. Freshening up your site seasonally will only add new flavours to your product designs. Check for broken links or remove them, change or add new categories or remove “out of stock” items. Simultaneously, replenish with new. Alongside, also feature up new products with product highlights. And don’t forget to experiment the performance of each new product category.

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