How to transform sales people into best revenue generators !

Untitled-1Mr. Smith, a good salesperson but lacks real management experience is hired in ABC Company to fill the sales manager position. When the decision turned out to be bad, negative attitude and hurt feelings give rise to difficult situations.

Imagine the repercussions, could be destructive, right?

Well, this is a situation encountered by almost every business.

Today’s selling environments are more complicated than ever before with upcoming smart products and competitors taking centre stage every time. A business begins and runs on sale. CEOs today are under constant pressure of accomplishing sales. They are mostly guided by emotional highs and lows that govern success and failures. Half the time, the sales manager is confused about the strength of his sales team. Uncanny but true, NOT all sales managers turn out to be promising and perfectionism to drive die-hard sales efforts all time.  Even employing best of efforts, most sales enabling techniques fall flat causing more damage than good. So what’s the solution then?

Well, there is, if and only if the sales people play the role of thought leaders in the selling process. How?

“By turning sales people into great information resources that can enlighten prospects which in-turn offers them a scope to nurture them and move them up to the next level of closing a deal.”      

 Sales Managers as Thought Leaders for a Consultative sale

Calling people 30-40 times, sending brochures and collaterals, bombarding unwanted email messages, pitching randomly at the street side corner etc. – all these really don’t work anymore. Prospects are no longer interested owing to the little time and hell-busy schedule that drives them crazy. They are simply not ready to listen to your product pitch anymore.

The challenge is…

How to offer them something more than mere straightforward product information or service details?

By offering a unique value proposition, which, your prospects are yet to figure it out.

Today’s prospects are more knowledgeable and smarter than before when it comes to a sale. Customers most often don’t want products, they want HELP. So, every time, a prospect agrees for a sale, it is important to instil deep insights about products or services within them which otherwise, they might not realise. Sales managers MUST develop this unique knowledge base that helps customer to discover their crisis or need at the right time with the right targeted conversation.

The post attempts to outline a few recommendations that sales people can use as tips to transform salespeople into top revenue generators.

  1. Analyse prospects before giving out competitive information

When you need your prospects share critical information of their business through a live contact, save prospect’s time and energy by offering features & specs of competition. This will build trust and allow them to report accurately to the internal management authority. As a result, this will speed up sales cycle just the way you want it to make it happen.       

  1. Test mutual compatibility

To do this, start by making your prospect comfortable, before you commit your time and resources to them. Based on the level of comfort that you can generate, you can work your way up to the next level of commitment and increasing trust that strikes a good fit to both the parties. This will help you to iron out a bad-fit customer and enter into a comfortable zone with the right prospect.

  1. Give prospects the control

Let prospects discover your whereabouts rather than you enlightening them with it. Present them a couple of logical next steps in a way that arouses their inquisitiveness to know more. Leave it on them how and when to move forward. This technique is much easier than pushing them for a sale.

  1. Use a referral/research approach

For prospects who can take you to be an alien, rather than calling them up directly, generate quality referrals. This will hold their attention span for quite some time. At the same time, this will also help you pull more competitive information from the prospects end at greater ease.

  1. Focus on Quality, NOT quantity

Pay heed to quality of actions, the type of call, leads (make it fewer, but better). A clear differentiation between prospects and suspects is the key to qualify them and nurture them through the sales funnel.

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