How Brand Use Integrated Visuals for Marketing

Visual targeting

Pictures speak more than words in marketing. And in digital media, visuals are digested faster that drives huge engagement within minutes of posting it. Why not? Numbers say it all! Visual content can drive double the revenue, generate massive views and drive a lot of engagement in the form of likes, views, comments and shares. Reading a paragraph through a densely packed stream of words is of course painful, dull and boring. Content alone is a dry market today. And if you stick to it, you not only ruin your brand reflection but also distract readership.

Believe it or not. Your audience can perceive only 60% of your content piece making the rest 40% of your content useless. And what about the 100% effort you have put into? Did it end in vain? If you don’t add fun to your content piece, you might lose a personal touch with your audience. Visuals are fun and engaging. Compelling visuals can generate an average of 94% of more total views, unlike content without visuals.

Take a look at the numbers.

  • 63% of social media today is made up of visuals-images & videos
  • 66% of social media updates are visual content
  • By 2019, 80% of online traffic will be converted into video
  • YouTube- 48 hours of video content gets uploaded every minute
  • Snapchat-Uploads 700 million photos each day
  • Facebook-Generates 5 billion videos per day
  • Google- is set to embed video within the search function

Visuals are the medium of delivering valuable research data  

Today is the age of visual targeting of prospects, customers and clients. Think about it! Visual content with human faces can boost recall by 15% while posts with images are liked twice the number of text updates in Facebook. The color red is more bright and recognizable, while animated slides are fun to watch out.

It’s obvious that today’s customers give more weightage to clear, detailed image which in a way serve as a competitive advantage for brand marketers.

Today’s customers want to see brands that fulfill “in the moments”

Brand stores that replicate best feelings “in the moment” gets the prospect to action just after seeing the brand message. Well, 91% of online consumers in UAE have responded to online video messages posted by brands that best resonate to them. Let’s explore some more brand moments in action:

  1. Volvo Email marketing Campaign

With the objective to generate interest within clients in test drives for new Volvo models, Volvo integrated Video mail campaigns that included streaming of the video clip to be viewed directly by the recipient at the email preview pane. Igniting “in the moment” in action, personalized newsletters were sent to recipients that represented the claim “Meet the Man of your dreams”. This campaign tagline amplified the brand message to make it viral.

This drove a huge response boosting opening rates to 48% while click rates of up to 20%. While target specific newsletter campaign scored sensational open rates of 82% while click through rates of up to 60%! Such is the power of visual targeting!

  1. Forbes in LinkedIn

By employing images that are as realistic as real-life scenarios as a game winning strategy, Forbes today ranks as #1 influential global brand on LinkedIn. Why? This is because, these images spurs a specific emotion which is relevant to the reader’s situation.

  1. Dumb ways to die in Tumblr/YouTube

This 3 minute video campaign by Metro train in Melbourne achieved a legendary status merely by showcasing 21 adorable animated characters that portrayed shock, dumb as well as humor moments of accidental or comical death. The campaign went viral receiving a huge engagement boost via views and massive share

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