8 Holiday Marketing Campaign Tips for Marketers!

8 Holiday Marketing Campaign Tips for Marketers

Holiday Marketing Campaign Tips

More than 80% of business deals take place during December.

And, 78% of online shoppers research their product before making any purchase.

The above stats are a no-brainer that nearly half of the population today are online researchers that are impacting the sales growth. With the December month approaching fast, it is just the perfect time for holiday shopping- to shop till you drop hitting at the myriad online stores for fashion, beauty, lifestyle products, services and more. And a perfect golden time for marketers to connect to prospects, invoke camaraderie and stay inter-connected with brand fans and followers.

2016 is just round the corner and marketers are high on heels with their holiday marketing strategy to close Q4 deals. However, not every marketing campaign can build that emotional level of trust and credibility that can make customers spend for themselves rather than competitors during holiday season. Shaping up your holiday campaigns can pave a long way to gain online visibility and create engagement just when you need it at the right time.

It is extremely important to focus on your existing marketing campaign that you are planning to optimize for holiday deals. To begin with, consider these two questions that you should ask yourself as a marketer before you launch your holiday marketing campaign in front of your prospects:

  • Which prospects you should target?
  • What should you accomplish with them?

Finding the answers to these questions are extremely important for marketers. To get you started, here is a list of marketing campaign tips that can guide marketers on how to grow their sales pipeline during the holiday revenue-generating season.

  1. Identify problem areas in marketing campaign

It is important to first frame the problem by going beyond your targeted goals. Say for example, you might sell online, but you are not getting the desired traffic. Again, your website might generate a significant number of online views but you are not getting conversions for sale.  Now, that can again qualify as a solvable problem that needs to be identified.

  1. Update your marketing calendar regularly

Adding upcoming and important events in your marketing calendar will help you plan, coordinate and stay ahead from competitors with your campaign management.

  1. Send personalized gifts in a cost-effective way

With the holiday shopping fever gearing up, send printed personalized postcards that inform the prospects about products or services. You can also include a link to the landing page that reveals the offer price or discounts that customers can avail within a stipulated time frame. This is an excellent way to gain audience attention and promote brand awareness.

  1. Focus on cross-channel alignment

Since there are many marketing channels or platforms which prospects prefer, how will you understand their social likings (likes, dislikes), content preferences (videos, posts, images, blogs) and changing behaviour (shares, tweet, comment)? Synchronizing your content with audience preferences can take you a step ahead in creating engagement with the right audiences.

  1. Re-target your lost customers

Retargeting the customers who once abandoned your website by implementing an outreach marketing strategy can get you back in front of them. This can be done by remarketing via email marketing or through display ads that offers customer re-engaging opportunities with your brand.

  1. Grow your email database

No business can grow without growing customer list. An excellent way to maximize chances of business opportunities is to send coupon offers with opt-in requests or holiday-themed HTML emails during this holiday season.

  1. Make your campaign easy-to-share

Researches show that social proof and brand credibility doubles up chances for customers to buy. Add reviews and testimonials or obtain referrals (completed with an incentive- bonus, money, discounts etc.) This will maximize your chances of sharing your content piece with others as well as enhance brand visibility.

  1. Maintain consistency across all channels

It is through personalized seamless interactions that can help marketers boost brand experiences for customers. However, creating a consistent brand image across all channels is not easy. It requires carefully planned and integrated marketing tactics that include quick and responsive customer interaction, feedback and query resolutions across all touch points.

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