How “Gamification” is Transforming Digital Marketing in Engaging Customers.

Ever imagined to what extent can gamification via marketing apps generate audience engagement?

Well, read this.

“In late 2015, Target” the US based retail giant, has developed a ‘holiday wish list’ app with 3D animated gaming experience that allowed kids to create their favourite wish list and send them to Santa. This has generated-


  • nearly 75,000 app downloads
  • Over100,000 wish lists
  • 9,200 new accounts
  • Average wish list contained 30 items with an average value of $ 1,500!
  • Total sales generated was $92.3 million!

The target was to increase multi-channel wish list experience for kids and moms. The result? -75,000 app downloads with 61% of users using the app multiple times, while 31% of page viewers generating over a million page visits!

Now that’s a game changer! Yes it’s not magic; its engagement through successful “gamification”. A marketing campaign that uses sophisticated gaming app to stimulate interest is a fun way to engage clients. So why not integrate an interactive way to your intricate campaigns that can simply transform the whole level of engagement, better than before?

As per the recent report by the Global Research Company Markets on gamification, it is predicted that by 2018, the gamification sector will experience an annual growth rate of 67% with the worth of $5.5B!

The above fact holds true with today’s digital brands that are rapidly infusing the gaming mechanics within their digital marketing strategies. The digital marketing game is always on where each marketer wants a winning strategy to gain a competitive edge. Not surprising, many businesses try to grow quickly but poor business tactics end up in loss, dying out even before they launch screwing up their huge marketing revenues. Thank God, with gamification, marketers now have tremendous potential to lower the cost of engagement, engage customers quicker and better!

To know more, check out these 3 creative ways that explains how gamification can turn out to be a powerful digital marketing tool.

  1. Infuse motivation and excitement to play the game

This suggests starting the game with motivation and ending it up with the same spirit. Give them a chance to win something (short-win gifts) to keep them interested throughout.

  1. Infuse the fear of losing something if they don’t play your game

So, what’s the catch in it? A psychological drive that involves the fear of losing out hard-earned money will obviously drive customers to play more. Right? Let this loos aversion play its game while you see your client sign up, play and finish the game till the end.

  1. Introduce “discovery” and “surprise” to surprise them

At each stage of the game, give them a reason of surprise and awe. The thrill of being clueless about what will happen next is the drive to find out the end-result at any cost.

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