Idea Marketing – How to sell your first time idea to investors, and then make it work in public!

Idea Marketing(Excerpts From the Book, “The New Frontiers of Marketing”)

Your bright idea will make a sale if you can create memories with them!

Remember the famous story about George Eastman, the founder of Kodak? A sales meeting where he questioned his sales team to gain an understanding of their perception. When he put the same question to 4 different sales personnel…  

“Eastman: What do we sell?

First Salesman: We sell cameras.

Second salesman: No, no, we sell photographs!

Third salesman: No, we sell films!

Fourth salesman: No, no, no…we sell memories via photographs! “

Yes. Memories that creates happiness! And this idea is a multi-million dollar proposition. The above story holds true for each new idea you ideate and plan to tell the world. An idea without a vision is a useless piece. Let your idea invent a future possibility where people can envisage their solution in it. Then start building the service or the product to deliver them based on the promise that you offer.

You don’t sell an idea; you sell a change to transform the future!

It is brilliant if you have an idea in mind with the potential of hidden business opportunities of future. But an idea is alone if it fails to get noticed by investors, fundraisers, eCommerce acumen, business owners and consumers. If you are able to see a volatile change in market by selling your innovative idea, why not pitch the idea first to your friends, co-workers, acquaintances and get to know their reactions? No idea is bulletproof; so welcoming harsh opinions will only strengthen your marketing plan. Rather than stepping alone with your idea, seek advises from your mentors. Guidance at critical moments will prepare you well to deal even with critics!

If you are looking for an investor to fund your business; let your idea first spell profit for them.   

It is NOT enough if your business idea can anticipate profits which only YOU can benefit from them. It is worth to NOTHING if an investor fails to find business acumen potential that can accrue great profits. It’s purely logic: even an investor will conduct a careful research before backing up your idea. After all, it’s all about mutual rewarding profits. Think about it!

And, to impress your investor is the NEXT big thing! Do you think it’s that easy? Absolutely not! Your idea will just be an idea if you don’t get an investor’s support.

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