Find the market for your business Idea – 3 Ways to Figure It Out!

shutterstock_173653772Small or big-your marketing budget to launch your product is at the hanging fate of either multibillion dollars or a 0 figure profit! Believe it or not! It requires insane amount of skills than you can ever imagine launching one product safely and banking in thousands of dollars at a shot! Even if your product idea is a ground-breaking solution, getting your product name in front of millions of online prospects is not something to be easily earned and accepted by your audience.

Indeed, a challenge for a product owner after months of ideation and innovation! It is absolutely normal to encounter such unknowns after the product launch, but determining if the business idea is viable or not can rightly save your business from crashing.

Hence, prior to launching…Just ask yourself these questions before wasting a whole lot of money!

  •  Is there really a niche market for my product and service?
  •  Does my product need any fine-tuning or tweaks to meet market requirements?

Well, all it needs is to plan and research the market rather than heading straightaway to execution and waste valuable dollars on unfocused activities. To ascertain your idea potential and align your business goals, let these three ways help your customers find you rather than you find them.

Let the market be the best judge for your product

Consider the market figures about your product matrix. This will not only offer a vision about the true size of your market, you can also figure out industry associations, competitors share and advantage, technological advancements, statistical growth across industries, booming industry areas and the like. Web researches, periodical reports and online trade shares can prove to be valuable in understanding the market and target specific audiences. It is wise to include just a sample and introduce it to market segments. Let’s say if you are targeting the youth via your products, you will easily know which segment of the population is more likely to use your product via market research. Once you gain this information, it will be easy for you to position your service or product, fine-tune them with the right modification and launch to the right audiences.

Check your market competitors

The aim of market research of your product is to figure out your selling point. To achieve this, you need to understand your competitors and their marketing strategies. Check out what your competitors are up to. Visit their website; interact with their customers to find out striking similarities and differences that might set you apart. Check for the competitor’s product flaws or any loophole that went unnoticed. Conduct a market survey to find out the spending characteristics of your market niche, current sales volume of similar products, the purchasing power of the market segment and the like. Based on such competitive analysis, you might unveil a product feature and make a reasonable sale forecast that really works!

Check your marketing skills

Check out if you have developed specific skills that can leverage your business growth implementing the right tactic that works. Keep an eye on the economy growth of your product area and the businesses that are succeeding them. Also watch out if you have a room for yourself to market them. Check for the inadequacies of your market segment and remodel your product in a way that perfectly fits into it. Keep your eyes and ears open to figure out consumer interests and tweak your marketing skills to find personalized and long-term marketing opportunities unlike short-term fads.

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