5 Email Marketing Tweaks To Double Your Email Open Rates

Email marketing

Email open rate = emails opened

                                   Emails sent – bounced emails

Whether you are a B2B or B2C marketer, if you are not getting clicks after investing every $1 in email marketing, you are wasting your efforts! To fine-tune your strategy, all you need is to first get the basics in place.

The truth behind every 1$ invested in email marketing and getting an average 39.40$ return lies in personalization. 94% of companies consider personalization as critical in making a huge difference in open rates; yet shockingly, only 5% of companies use personalization of the content. The reason? Marketers fail to map Omni-channel marketing messages tailored with individual customer journey. A tailored message based on the cross-channel information is game changing to unlock targeted customer action-oriented performances.

Why Personalization is a struggle for most marketers?

40% of loyalty marketers struggle with personalization as per Forrester research.        

To put it simply personalization is a communication strategy for inbox attention. The aim is to get the right message to the right person at the right time. However, most marketers are not sure about crafting personalized marketing campaigns as they feel they are not empowered with appropriate strategies & tools needed for personalization. Making personalization a reality is not that difficult as marketers think or shy away from. Merely a few tweaks and simple changes can do a lot more and can go a long way.

How? Below given are a few personalization tweaks that establish the concept.

  1. You are not aware of the Personalization tools

Recipient names that open with a subject line “Hey Stella, read this mail? Unlike Hey, read this mail will, of course, boost the open rate by at least 20%. Next comes the symbols-  Creative symbols in the subject line that communicate with the clients in a friendlier way can do a lot more than mere attract their attention! Just a simple strategy but can generate a huge open rate!

  1. You are not testing all components of your email

Is your marketing campaign well tested? Perhaps, you just relied on one test factor and rolled out your campaign to millions of recipients. Remember, if you are sending emails without testing them, your campaign might not fetch the necessary action they deserve. Just a mere test can enlighten you with the elements of email in the light of personalized version vs. non-personalized version. Only testing the email components will get a hypothetical picture of what really happens after shooting the mailers.

A continuous split test of elements such as the subject line, pre-header text, timing (day/night) that determines the level of engagement, CTA, language (positive/negative), tone of the content, intent of the message can perform best in increasing your conversion rate than ever!

  1. You are not aware of the combination of strategies that works

Redesigning your email campaign requires a combination of strategies coupled with changed customer segment at specific timings & specific occasions.

Retargeting strategies that include collection of behavioural data, behavioural segmentation with some interesting elements such as action based subject line determining whether to be opened before or after set period of time, location etc. – all can work together to deliver contextual message.  Wok a walk, a health food company tried the same method where they sent an email newsletter with a subject line that spoke about open order food, call or make enquiries generating a click-open rate of 18.1%!

  1. You are not simplifying your email message

Simplifying email content can increase open rates by 48%

If you are not analysing the cross channel marketing experience of consumers before crafting your marketing message, your efforts to move people to open your message will be laid back.  Don’t be a vague message sender. It is evident that your recipients are more likely to switch to competitors if they don’t find the “why” factor to open your mail.  So all you need to do is to simplify their experiences by structuring your message that helps customers with a solution; rather than beating your own drums.

Identify what makes it easy for customers to derive a seamless buying experience. Complicated website navigations, unsuitable delivery options, payment security concerns, price in foreign currency, lengthy check out process- it can be anything.  Once identified, you can optimize your marketing message by creating benefit driven direct emails infusing the excitement to gain.

  1. You are not using advanced personalization

You need wealth of data to stay in touch with customers based on their specific user actions at specific touch points and timelines at specific events. Why not switch to drip campaigns, marketing automation or CRM?

These are an automated set of emails queued to send out after targeting each user activity-whether sign-up, page visit, or choosing a product within the cart. A drip campaign can also be best customized to sound more relevant and meaningful to the user. Specific drip email campaigns have the potential to produce 18 times more revenue with 119% increase on click-through rates, unlike email blast effort.

All these tweaks mentioned above if incorporated correctly can work wonders in maximizing click-through rates & driving huge revenue for any business. Are you yet to implement one of these?

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