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Email marketingMarketing efforts made a lot simpler!

Excerpts From the Book “The New Frontiers of Marketing”

‘Email offers’ boosts consumer spending to more than 40% than those who don’t consider email offers.

Undoubtedly, the fact cited above has proved email marketing as the greatest strength, particularly for its timely tested feature for mobiles which we have experienced personally. The marketing strategies, elements, right approaches –all work together to set your marketing strategies right in getting your customers at your doorstep again and again. But again, beware of email spam! NOT all emails meet the same level of interaction – even legitimate emails are sometimes being mistakenly routed as SPAM mails! For safe mail delivery landing-here’s the 80:20 marketing rule discussed within which you need to adhere to for each email delivery success. Alternatively, you can save your chances of getting unsubscribed from mailing list!

It doesn’t matter if you are just a one month old start-up- getting your email list at hand is now a step easier with the right marketing platform and the right strategies! Some of the noteworthy strategies of building targeted email lists are Company website list-building, registration details while downloading eBooks, Facebook email list, LinkedIn list building, shopping cart list, customer info during product purchase, business association list building and a lot more!

How to start with email marketing campaigns?

Ever thought of- what makes a customer click on an email? Well, a “sales-pitch” and an urgent call-to-action”. Email marketing campaigns that are personalized and finely tuned with the right technology and tactics can truly meet the targeted objective even for a simple email program! Even for driving mere engagement, email campaign can work wonders! And not to forget the right measurement metrics that facilitates deep insights into consumer online behavior- an important factor that drives ROI.

Spamming problems you should be commonly aware of

Your email might not necessarily reach your recipient boxes all time. Do you know what exactly are being incorrectly categorized while filtering your VIP mails into their junk folders? To avoid the spam trap problem, you can actually resort to many small changes to your email to add a genuine priority look to your email message. People will be viewing their e-mails using different screen widths, and they’ll be using e-mail clients that display messages in different forms.  To save your messages from getting spammed, why not check out this comprehensive list of Do’s and Don’ts before you shoot an email. However, the nature of each of them varies with the condition to which these are best fitted to your particular case.

  • Do engage your prospect in the first couple of lines. Make sure they get the good stuff early and capture their attention immediately. Have a subject line that is catchy.
  • Don’t clutter your messages with images as a lot of email clients block it by default.
  • Do have your corporate logo on your mail to extend the same web design. Your email should complement your brand image.
  • Do test your mail by sending it to a variety of web-based email accounts. (Yahoo, Gmail etc.)
  • Do remember mobile users. More people are using smart phones to access their e-mail while on the road.

And that’s not all! There are a lot more to be unlocked…more to be explored…

This book is a marketing treasure to produce some quick results on instant marketing ROI, by applying any marketing combination that perfectly fits to your business!  A lot of marketing efforts will be saved applying the nuances of agile marketing techniques, right strategies and tactics- all power-packed in this whole book!

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