5 Marketing questions to ask before sending email campaigns.


Did you had an anaemic experience in email blast effort of your last email campaign?

How many times did it happen to you?

You are  launching a one day event; you are willing to send promotional email  campaigns to your online prospects about the oneday sale- even after spending hours of email composition, you simply go blank wondering whether your massage is appealing to audience-seeming like a mysterious art just getting into your nerves! You ask questions back and forth -“Will my email write-up drive business decisions? Will it actually appeal my audience to sign-up the deal?

Behold! There’s so much to check at the last minute just before you push-send your email…

Oops moment of your last well-baked email

  • Test salutation: ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’, ‘Hey’, ‘Dear’ – might seem small but can have big impact on conversion rates
  • Images: Too large, flashy, colorful-enough to disrupt prospects’ vision
  • URL links or buttons: Broken, not working, most of them are inactive- these are great turn-offs!
  • Divergent links: Click opens a page that shows a wrong offer or product-disaster!
  • Typo: A terrible glaring error that everyone has missed
  • Email date: Incorrect sale date! Might spell havoc!
  • Grammatical errors- Enough to label you as a spammer!
  • Capitalization: (i, hello, hi, dear/ pdf, pfa, aiims, aids) Initials and scronyms-upsetting the audience!

Imagine you have just sent 10,0000 mails. People who are registering your event are clicking open whitepaper links; but are bouncing off your site in every single click! A slip-up moment in email campaign is irrevocable and permanent. Just one mistake and all your hardwork ends up into cyberspace trash!

Remember that for every 1$ you spent on email marketing, you get an average return of 44.25$  ! Recent marketing statistics report that about 72% of B2B marketers share useful content via email marketing. So, it is quality communication with your prospects that can earn you deal more proficiently. Well, you are not alone in the battlefield, many out play marketers lose their heartbeat while sending mail campaigns to a client base.

So how would you handle it ? All you need is to first embark upon a pre-send checklist and get answers of these 5 common questions to steer you to the right direction.

  • Is my email list the right one?

A wrong list is the sheer culprit behind business losses, missed leads, no potential returns. A refined and correct email list is the bait that works with “click send and watch sales coming”.

Always double check the list authenticity while choosing an email list; sending an email to the wrong list will not only spell blunder; you might lose out even a chance of apology! The best possible way is to categorize email lists defining their clear purpose. For example-

  • Product consumers
  • Blog subscribers
  • Event participants


  • Does my campaign offer a distraction-free attention to the audience?

Remember “if something catches my eye; I will open to read through it”. From the personal perspective, think about the subject line if it is relevant. About 33% of recipients open emails based on the subject line alone as per the marketing stats. Choose a subject line that makes sense out of it for the audience to act upon. Avoid a robotic order of email composition (sent as an attachment); instead compile email in text mode which is easy to read, scan and simple to understand. Build rapport with words, don’t break it.

  • Are the links of my email campaign working?

404 page error! Very commonly seen page. Isn’t it? But let it not affect your campaign. Always double check the links before sending them. Testing links in the browsing preview panel is the best practice to find out a glitch. Instead, testing HTML links with free email service tools like AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail can offer better view of your operational emails. Also, ensure that call-to-action button is rightly linked to the campaign and is working.

  • Is my email campaign permission based?

 Customers love if you care about their personal choice. If you are sending a commercial mail, ensure that it entails an opt-out and opt-in mechanism. A Sign-up or a confirmation mail is a powerful connecting bond with the audiences’ that predicts the life-cycle of online lead. Ensure that there is an unsubcribed link visible in your campaign to show respect to your audiences.

  • Does my email campaign look spammy?

Avoid clogging your email message with image heavy templates. Such emails end up into the junk folder as they look spammy. Instead, include a relevant text that display even if the recipient choose not to view images in the message template. It is a good idea to include alt text to ensure that actual size images gets displayed in the template. Moreover, avoid excessive usage of exclamation marks or capitalization that can prevent emails getting into the spam loop.

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