4 Ways Custom Packaging Can Increase Customer Loyalty

custom packaging

Each customer is unique and the way he/she selects a product type is an interactive way to express this uniqueness. Customers are ready to pay for their desired product if they meet their expectations. But do products alone exceed their expectations? Today’s customers are driven by their first impressions and experiences they receive right from custom-based packaging to unique product based experience.

The demise of not-one-size-fit-all

The debut of the assembled line of car, Model T Ford (1909), conceived by Henry Ford was rolled out with only one colour- black, owing to low-cost & durability feature. Ford’s obsession with cost reduction & product-market fit model was apparent as he cited that “the buyers could have Model T Fords in any colour, so long as it’s black.” Till 1925, the car was only available in black, limiting the colour choice for US consumers. However, times changed with the rising competitors’ uproar that encompassed vivid choice of colours & customer favoured designs for new modelled cars. This paved the way of the T Ford to soon fell flat and finally proved to be a relative disappointment, out casted by Chevrolet in 1931.

So what did it take to make all the differences? 

Customization is not new and its demand is rising at an exponential rate. In modern times, customizing a product is DIY (Do-It-Yourself) activity starts right from the scratch and then place the order! Take the example of NikeIDs which is based on the customer’s choice of picking their favourite colour, design & performances of shoes & accessories. Similarly, today only 7% of cars are customized while built-to-order (BTO) cares account for about 20% of all cars in the US.

Customization matters to buyers. Because-

  • Customers are frustrated with the monotony of established and set-menus that lacks variety & hence give up buying anything
  • Customers prefer product or services to be tailored to their specific choice at varying degrees
  • The nature of the product is more or less the same & lacks new innovations

Today online ecommerce retailers are trying to gain a completive edge to exceed the expectations of customers. Whether in terms of prices, advanced features, pricing, or other added benefits, new tactics are evolving continuously to amplify customer experiences, time and time again. Custom packaged design is a unique way of delivering brand experiences and has more to do in improving the customer experiences. Custom packaging can make repeat & loyal customers, make repeat purchases & let them share their experiences through word-of-mouth.  Check out the 4 ways in which custom packed designs can drive customer loyalty and brand experiences in marketing.

  1. Using packaging inserts: Packaging inserts are a cost-effective way of reaching the customer’s Right packaging inserts can boost customers’ happiness by 40% if it is done keeping in view customer’s expectations from the brands. Think about the discount offers included within the packaging during purchases- these offers makes the customer feel special and also gives them a reason to share their story.
  2. Product samples giveaways: Free product samples for trials are a matter of joy for any customer. Sample products can boost customer relationship and also lead to cross-selling. This is also a brilliant way to enhance brand exposure.
  3. Free gifts: Another way to delight and surprise the customers is to offer them small gifts. Such gifts should be given without any intension of trying to sell to the customers.
  4. Product review form with the shipped package: Including a product review form within the shipped package is a great way to share customer experiences. Let the customer rate you based on overall shipping and product experiences. This can help in bolstering brand relationships as wel

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