7 Tips to Build Your Brand Voice With Videos

brand voice via branded videos.

“If your story is not genuine & not felt while watching, your brand will automatically lose its voice”.

In 2016, online video traffic across social media will account for 55% of total online traffic; this number will grow up to 67% by 2017.

Today, it is a norm to tell brand story to clients. But to make them FEEL your story is that which can make a BIG difference!

Brand authenticity is about emotional bonding

Human-to-human connections are built on authentic relationships. To establish authentic relationships, brand personality should appear fresh, genuine & inspirational with consistency. The data prevails, but it’s up to you how best you create it to personify your brand.

So what’s the best style of video should you promote for your brand?

Well, there is no specific style as such. But, the story that can showcase right moments to the right audience is an expensive endeavour; more than production value. Because, it spurs feelings!

Most brands are confused with the approach and style they should adopt to promote their voice. Little do they realize that brand has a soul which is very much human. Brand video is not about sales, but feels. So no quick wins do apply here.

Being authentic is “being YOU”. It is about making a difference in getting all attention by creating it at your own style. However, it doesn’t mean creating infomercials or promo. It is about creating an influence around a common interest that can delight, engage, draw, entertain and humour the audience.

To pull on the heartstrings, here are 7 powerful winsome tips to create buzz with your brand story. Read on.

  1. Bring a feel to your story :

If an emotional connection is felt while watching your video, it will surely connect your audiences. Infuse raw and genuine emotions targeting your niche audience.  Emotions can make more time and space into audience’s heart; invoking the willingness to watch again.

  1. Show your work behind-the-scene

Showcase the highlights of events, pain and gain, personal challenges, testimonials that works mostly at the backend of your story. Let them know the real story behind. Presenting real time clips that projects a raw image is sure to establish uniqueness without losing anything.

  1. Identify a theme that people will love to watch

Identify what interests the viewer and embark upon a story theme with a tone that sets the audience in mood. Create a 2 minutes long video that include enough time & space to highlight your message to the audience. After all, your audience should understand your message without any rush, right?

  1. Bring up your original story

Generic stories are dead. Stick to the reality behind your brand origin and showcase your realistic story. This will not only add a fresh perspective to your story but will also project a realistic personality of your brand to the audience.

  1. Add humour wherever applicable

Add humour to your video if it’s a part of your brand personality.  If not, this can turn out to be risky for your brand image. Humour can make the audience smile. But make sure it fits your brand message you wish to convey. A brand message crafted with the right tone and sense of humour can act as powerful tool in grabbing instant attention boosting shares, likes & retweets.

  1. Experiment upon altering the structure of the story

Not necessarily, stories should be presented on a defined structure each time. The order- beginning, mid-clips & the end- can be subverted based on the influence each screen can generate upon the audience while maintaining a subtle relative approach. So, do not hesitate to experiment with the style & order!  But let the story be genuine.

  1. Make your story interesting

Adding curiosity to your brand story will not only create imbibe a suspense within the audience to watch till the end, but will also leave the audiences guessing as to “what next?” You can stop till there with a continuation note while saving more time and space for your next episode and at the same time increasing the thirst of the audience!

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