Exceptional brand tricks for marketers to get inaugural sales!


Looking forward to get your first transaction done? You might think that your product/service is innovative, loaded with smart new features that can pass the unquestionable test & get a sale. You have the product, photos, presentations and descriptions –all populated within your website page. And you sit somewhere perched at your desk, thinking that traffic and sales will soon come flooding in?

Wish it was so easy.

Customers won’t buy unless they have figured out the value added to it.  The marketplace is highly volatile and to jump through the hoops & holes, you need grassroots efforts to gain that initial traction. Many a times, even before launch, brands lose their shares to low-price rivals, simply waiting for sales rather than hitching out a fundamental approach through bootstrapping.

The best fundamental approach to marketing is pre-marketing i.e., targeting your customer even before you make your product to be market-ready and decide a final launch. So, how cool is the idea of build this networking to entice your first customer to buy even before they know about your product? To get started on a low capital scale, why not take a note of these methods discussed below to entice your first customer for a sale? Given that your methods might be varied and each of them more uniquely employed than the former. Nevertheless, the difficulty level encountered to get your first sale; you never know which of these tips and tricks might work out for you!

  1. Start guest post/comment to gain personal attention

Remember how Flipkart gained its first customer? – Merely, via a guest post. Yes, a mere comment that fetched the first customer’s attention did the trick.

Your audience might have seen your product online; but your product updates are not connecting with many people. It doesn’t matter if your brand relationship is slight. A mere blog comment or a guest post that connects your niche can spark audience interest, thereby, making your first ever sale!

  1. Encourage personal sign up through push emails

Customers don’t want to be forced for a sale. A personal touch- greeting mail to family, friends and acquaintances or a sudden mail of updates can serve a long way in fetching early users. Who knows even a small sale message from home can earn a big result!  Well, this is how Amazon, the online retail giant got its first customer & their first dollar earned through sales.


  1.   Share your products within your community

To get members tick to the right stimuli, all you need is to know what they value within your online community.  Think of Threadless, a T-shirt company; how they earned their first customer by running a community based contest amongst the members, found a phenomenal success merely through a design contest!

  1. Create brand credibility by offering free online services initially

A free website where members can host their service or avail a service can instantly hook the interest of the customers. The reason? Because, customers love to receive or host things for free. This can generate a lot of internet buzz around you as well as increase brand credibility in marketing.

For example Burlee.com, a web hosting company offered free services to SMBs that attracted businesses that were willing to pay. The result? Since then, Burlee.com hosting started finding paying customers interested in hosting their websites.

  1. Launch social media ads

You have a great product but to bring that product to the limelight, let the first step be a sales campaign through social media. Generating a buzz even before the product launch will get the buzz going and pull in sales prospects into the pipeline. Throw a Facebook contest, an introductory launch offer, show product images or free webinar that educate the audience about product specialities. Teespring, a T-shirt making company has successfully generated initial sales by promoting Facebook ad campaigns and now selling 7 million shirts a year!

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