5 Types of Brand Influencers that are Stronger in Digital Marketing!

5 Types of Brand Influencers that are Stronger in Digital Marketing Business!

Remember Marie Clarie, the cover page model of March, 2015 who has broken the stereotype image of a fashion blogger turned to a style influencer & a featured model? Well, in reality, she is NEITHER a model, NOR a celebrity but a mere fashion blogger writing fashion-related content in social media who gradually emerged as a social media star! True. Everything lies in building a deep personal connection! And with the art of embedding the personalized fashion content created by a real person rather than an unreachable model; it didn’t took too hard an effort to boost up that due brand weightage!

Coming to the point – Digital influence is changing the brand marketing of today!   

The critical presence of digital influencers in marketing cannot be undermined while building a social image out of a singular expertise. Today’s digital means going “social” that revolves around targeting interested industry specific niche and generating big social returns. Believe it or not! For every $1 spent, businesses are making $6.50 which means 70% of businesses are experiencing a return of $2 on per 1$ spent! Such is the influence of influencer marketing!

The revenue generated at each dollar by every minute and every second spent speaks a lot. Isn’t it? And the bad news is-you are not alone; there are thousands of brands seeking popularity with the actual groundwork being laid down by macro and micro brand influencers. Such kind of marketing is the art of building relationships by identifying fans that are topically relevant and are a best match to the marketing campaigns. It’s not just creating an influence. It is about building their credibility within their network of influence in a way that can meet a brand’s marketing objective. While it is, indeed a time-consuming behaviour, but definitely a mutual value exchange that’s worth to count for!

Spotting the influencer at the right place

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Blog site etc. – Your social media star could be located anywhere, in any platform and in any form. Integrating top brand influencers to boost brand engagement and ROI requires interweaving the campaigns with longstanding insight and analytics. Check out the world’s top five types of social brand influencers that can help you spotting your digital influencer for your multi-platform marketing strategy.


YouTube is known for its active audience of over 1 billion and is the biggest social influencer till date. Today’s generation of marketers are the young entrepreneurs, the trendsetters who are sitting in front of the camera and relaying their experiences to the online world from the comfort of their bedrooms. These YouTube bloggers often bag huge followings and earns high receptive audiences in no time!


Instagram has become a popular social media influencer allowing brands to take competitive advantage with millennial consumers. The reason being photo-centric app feature of niche category that allows brands to attract consumers and brand followers and then there is a link that is directed to the company website. The sponsored content can feature multiple brands that can be marketed to top social media influencers. Here, brands can target millennial users from specific category through a visual medium that can become a burgeoning niche.


A new class of social influencers have emerged with the rise of snapchat, a unique platform after their transition from Vine or YouTube. The use of goofy and elaborative drawings or content that are going viral online are getting the attention of millions of brand niches that are an appeal for all marketers as well as millennials. This has proved to be a highly active marketing vehicle for user acquisition.


Bloggers being the top digital influencers act as mutual friend between the brands and influencers. Bloggers relate the content with the active users based on current trend changes to boost brand awareness. They act as brand amplifiers by influencing massive audiences positively and amassing the audience by building a favorable attitude towards brands.

Vine influencer

The recent twist in influencer marketing that has witnessed an explosive growth in brand partnership with Vine is by marketing products and services. The trick is to communicate a product idea with a unique twist that will appeal the millennials to watch voluntarily. For example, comedy Vine clips that showcases funny & interesting ways to connect to the audience is an excellent & a cost-effective way of brand integration.

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