What Marketers can expect from Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Future Digital Marketing?

• By 2020, 85% of customer interaction will take place without a human
• Nearly 40% of the workforce in IT industry will be redundant in the coming years
• By the end of 2018, customer digital assistance will identify customers by face and voice across all channels

Uncanny but true. A single push of mobile button away will simulate human intelligence from anywhere at any time! It’s not science fiction or the advent of robots. Well, it’s an era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in action! This means suppose you line up your travel reservation tasks – from self-check-in, self-boarding pass collection in airport, self-security checks, and cash registers self-check-outs – all controlled by an automated system – faster, better and more effectual. No human functions; it’s all AI that will serve the customers 24/7.

To take an example of AI solution, let’s say you have saved more than 16GB of pictures on your phone, and now you are trying to find out the one special amongst them. A real problem for you right? (As you need to surf across all pics manually & simultaneously to check out for the specific picture you looking for) If Google Photos uses AI, within seconds you get the picture of your choice at your fingertips!! Thanks to the power of AI! For marketers, it’s a great hope!

And Marketer’s expectations?

Well, no doubt, expectations from marketers will raise high for empowering predictable instant communications within the digital marketing space. AI does it all- right from self-driven cars, tasks automation, chatbots interaction, simplifying big chunks of data into predictive human behaviour and even analysing the data to derive a meaningful explanation. In fact, AL can learn more about humans by translating human behaviour into predictive personality.

AI takes over Human Intelligence

They are more human than human! Yes. The dawn of World Wide Web has brought to us a future with AI, where marketers need to make friends with this buzzword’s intelligent activity. The power of analytics is amplified in the business world with more and more enterprise adoption of AI. These smart programs are equipped with the art of imitating human behaviour, act & react, use common sense, employ analytical reasoning, problem solving, multi-tasking & what not – Oh My God, it’s so real that you might mistake them as human!

Is AI a goldmine for businesses?
Predictably yes. AI apps are smart operational processes designed to click at the right time and at the right moment can save millions of investment dollars, time & efforts. With tons of data generated and relevant actions synchronized & implemented immediately, who will need a human analyst?
AI visionaries act as thinking machines that will be able to identify the differences and similarities between two customers, their behaviour before & during purchase, engagement rate and much more. With rich insights generated as part of normal experience, AI will transform them into compatible database & protocols within minutes. What could be more rewarding if this process can predict accurate consumer demand based on age, sex, life events, need, popularity, usage and many other such market based factors best analysed? Isn’t it a goldmine for businesses to determine high valued prospects and optimize lead flow? You better determine!
As marketers, here are a list of expectations (which will go over and beyond in future) you can set in the coming years to accelerate business growth with AI.
1. Build relevancy on consumer ads
Happy? Sad? Excited? Stressed? Anxious or glum? Imagine a car that could sense these emotions. Probably, it could have saved a life from a big disaster in future. Now, AI can predict the consumer tone, know moods and compute them to determine future communication. This emotion detection technology will replace speaking into transcript text built on customer’s emotions. The result? – Relevant recommendations, customer specific discounts best incorporated on ads based on customer’s reactions & consumption.
2. Create dialogues
Now the brands you love will communicate with their customers directly in a more personalized tone. These highly relevant personalized dialogues are intelligent AI analytics combined with customer data processing (unstructured data) & algorithms communicated in customer’s terms and customer’s language. With truly intuitive, personalized and tailor-made dialogue in real-time, conversion will rise up dramatically.
3. Create instant Engagement
Many marketers would wish to know how the customer would like to get engaged with the brand they like. Now with AI, it is possible to infiltrate the huge data & reach the right targeted person at the right moment with the right kind of instant engagement customers prefer. Thanks to the AI powered chatbots that will interact with human clients across multi-channel platforms via apps (Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype) to engage with the service they want at a personal level.
4. Save advertising brand revenue
By resolving the business insight crisis using configured predictive analysis, detecting critical changes in data & taking actions instantaneously, AI can save brand’s advertising revenues that could otherwise have spent unnecessarily. With automated sales assistants, tracking leads will not only get much easier, accurate and faster but also you can identify cold leads & monitor team’s performance optimally.
5. Improve onsite user experiences
Imagine you wish to order a product, the moment you log into your system, your system understands your product and order for your preferred product is made. Unlike AB testing tools, AI powered tools will target customers more precisely by tracking user experience, their mood, feelings & also the website performances while on websites. By using the automated analysis and right AI tool, it will be possible to direct the right product to the right user at the right place. Even AI will detect the highest and lowest performing UX areas of a website and flag them for future attention.
6. Adapt media campaigns to changing trends
AI apps will optimise marketing campaigns in real time. AI powered tools will quickly embrace emotional intelligence from huge amount of data generated online to envisage consumer needs, ideas and expectations. Such signals from consumers will be processed and dynamically adjusted onto marketing campaigns which will dramatically reduce manual labour by optimizing campaigns.
The AI powered possibilities to break & simplify marketing complexities are endless in future. It is left only with the marketers how to reap the best advantage using AI software and leverage brand experiences with targeted tracking and intelligent analytics solution. If that’s empowered, each moment will be saved, used and re-used with the right re-targeted action!

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