3 Brand tactics that “Pokémon Go” is teaching marketers about local marketing.

Internet access has reached 3 million people in 2016. 90% of average youths’ are already using social media and have reached the saturation point.

What’s next??

This time it’s Pokémon Go! The 4th wave of marketing strategy is on a look out to virtual reality and 3D video with user-controlled navigation!

New technologies are changing the way marketing was done before taking a leap forward to creativity and innovation.  Interestingly, two-thirds of touchpoints involve consumer-driven activities such as online consumer reviews and word-of-mouth. And for the marketers- understanding what influences customers to purchase is the next big revenue opportunity. Marketers are constantly mining data to figure out the most influential consumer touchpoints, wherein, they can invest their marketing efforts.

What tried-and-true tactics will marketers employ to fit into customized & interactive customer’s experience? In this ever changing landscape, the day is not far when virtual reality shopping will dominate consumer buying behaviour and experiences.

It’s addicting, it’s engaging, and it is sure fun!

“Pokémon Go”- What is it?

Yes, it’s all about the newly launched game app, “Pokémon Go” that are making  gamers catch “pocket monsters” hunting them down at real world locations!  Do you know one distinctive speciality of the game?

Players don’t need to shut themselves up in their own rooms! It’s an open air space game!

Virtual experience makes us feel virtual elements in the real world. And now, it’s an opportunity for marketers to leverage the power of the game! In fact, few businesses are already experimenting to envisage future business opportunities with the new gaming experience.

L’inizio Pizza Bar of New York recently reported to skyrocket their sales by 75% by simply activating “lure module” feature that attracts Pokémon characters to the store, spending just $10 for dozen Pokémon characters! This has not only enticed nearby players to the location but has also soared sales as customers’ streams through the bar for more Pokeballs!

No doubt, virtual reality and augmented reality is taking the world on storm. To stay ahead of the curve, marketers have already started leveraging the power of the game into their marketing strategy.

So what marketing tactics will the game “Pokémon Go” teach marketers?

Let’s explore!

In-game local advertising

Foot traffics at local stores will drive sales for local businesses! Credit goes to in-game advertising by sponsored locations. Location based in-game promotions will drive tons of nearby local customers into the stores simply luring Pokémon catchers to destinations.

Incentives that doubles up engagement

Do you know how will this game double up engagement?

As Players don’t need to be restricted within their own rooms, this will be best leveraged by smart marketers. Now, there is a massive chance to double up engagement as people will spend time gaming it for hours merely journeying around. For smart businesses, it’s an opportunity to capitalize on incentives offered to customers to collect rewards, battle other users, earn reward points, free perks or even get a customized service as per their choice! More engagement, more revenues!

Build strong emotional bonds

The more you delight customers using in-game purchases, the higher the chances to turn your store into a viral destination! With more and more obsessed Pokémon players transforming their daily habits & daily routines, it’s a golden chance to lure in a paying customer.

A game challenge on rare Pokémon found at the vicinity of local store can not only spell a great sales opportunity for the store but also trigger interest as a great driver to build an emotional connect.

That’s not all! It’s only left on time to see how businesses radically transform by dint of this VR game intertwined with local marketing strategies.

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